[05/02/2017] Unable to purchase Premier Club Package in-game via RuneScape Bonds *Resolved*

Since 00:01 (UTC) 5th February 2017, RuneScape players will have been unable to redeem RuneScape Bonds for a Premier Club package in-game (note OSRS and Old School Bonds are working as normal). 

To get in touch with us and resolve this simply follow the instructions found in the  Premier Club 2017 Support Article  under the heading:  Unable to purchase Premier Club Package via RuneScape Bonds?



Given that it has been 48 hours since this issue began, and also as Premier Club Sales ended over 24 hours ago, I am quietly removing this. 

Any players reading the Premier Club Support Article will still be able to contact us, and we'll use judgement on a case by case basis. 

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