Recovery Answers


Recovery questions are a legacy security feature and are no longer supported.


Recovery questions were a security feature used to verify account ownership and secure an account, and has been replaced by the improved RuneScape Authenticator.

Accounts with existing questions and answers will no longer be able to set new or change recovery answers, instead we encourage our players to use RuneScape Authenticator to keep their  accounts secure .


A brief history of recovery questions

There have been several security features throughout RuneScape’s life to deter third parties from accessing accounts.

  • 2001: A series of security questions and answers that players to assist in recovering an account.
  • 2012: Jagex Account Guardian (or J.A.G) relied on being able to answer a security question any time a login was detected on a new device.
  • May 2017: RuneScape Authenticator  together with a  secure email address  is the most secure way to keep accounts secure.


Recovering your account

  • If you've ever set recovery answers onto your account, you may be asked to supply them as part of the process
  • Submitting the earliest set of answers you can remember is highly recommended.
  • Even if you have trouble remembering the questions, please try and provide any answers that you think may be on the account. 


Hijacker set your recovery answers?

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