PSA - Payment Issues - Credit Card

We are aware of some payment issues which means that in some circumstances players wishing to use credit cards as a payment method may be unable to view the payment interface or complete purchases.

Our technical team are currently investigating this issue and we hope to have a fix in place soon, for now customers have the option of using alternative payment methods.

We have had some reports that players wishing to use credit card have had successful transactions after trying again, although generally speaking the service does remain intermittent and largely unavailable.

We apologise for any inconvenience this issue may be causing people, and we'd like to assure you that we are doing all we can to get normal service resumed as soon as possible.

Update 11:51 31 March 2016 - Part Resolved - Customer Advice

We have identified that the issue only presents itself at times of excessive load (demand) on payment services. Whilst it's not possible for players to know how high the demand is at any time, waiting a short while after seeing an error and trying again does mean that your attempt will be at a different demand point and may be successful.

Naturally our aim is to restore normal service at all times, and our tech teams are currently reviewing options to make the service more stable.

Update 15:06 31 March 2016 - Resolution Live

We have now identified the root cause of this issue and payment services appear stable.

We will keep this under review until testing is complete and we are entirely satisfied that the system is stable.

Update 15:29 31 March 2016 - Resolved

Internal testing indicates that all issues are now resolved. We'd like to thank customers for their continued patience and understanding and we hope nobody was too inconvenienced by this incident.

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