PSA - DarkScape Migration - XP Transfer

We are aware that DarkScape players who have never used their DarkScape account to play RuneScape, will not receive the automatic transfer of XP (conditions apply) from DarkScape to RuneScape. 

This is because there is no RuneScape game profile to transfer the XP to.

Any DarkScape player expecting the XP transfer to RuneScape should ensure that they have used their account to log into RuneScape and complete the initial character set up stages, in order to generate an active RuneScape profile.

To ensure that players have plenty of opportunity to do this and not miss out on their XP transfers, there will be at least 2 further automatic transfers to capture any players who did not have a RuneScape profile set up at the time of the original XP transfer.

These additional XP transfers to capture players in this unique situation will take place a few times during April on an adhoc basis with confirmed transfers happening on Friday 1 April 2016 and Friday 8 April 2016

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