Phishing Awareness Campaign

Over the upcoming week, there’s no doubt that everyone will be busy gearing up for Double XP weekend. 

Here at Jagex Support, your accounts are just as important to us as they are to you, so we will be spending the next week on a targeted campaign regarding Account Phishing and ways to avoid having your personal information stolen. That’s everything from simple in-game scams, to elaborate hoax emails designed to prey on your own fears around account safety. 

Here's what you can expect from now until Tuesday 23:59:59 UTC 21st February 2017

  • Phishing Awareness Competition hosted on the Events & Competitions Forum, with 3 players selected at random to each win 3 months of membership & a RuneScape or Old School Bond!
  • Spotlight on our recently updated Phishing Support Article 
  • Informative tweets throughout the week providing advice on how to avoid being phished
  • Twitter polls to gauge community awareness around phishing & information security 

You can all do your bit to help – get involved in the competition and polls, read up on our latest advice and be sure to help us spread the word via Social Media. 

Even if you only help one other player avoid being phished in the future, it would be time well spent and you would be helping us stamp this out this threat from our community.  

Happy DXP weekend guys! 

Jagex Support

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