Security: Fake websites

Avoid accessing and logging into fake websites or following dodgy links 

Phishers will create fake websites that look official to collect sensitive player information. If you're asked to log in to a site that seems suspicious - Don't!

 Official Domains

Short links on Twitter
If you're in any doubt, always manually navigate directly to the site and locate the page you want yourself.

How to avoid being phished

  1. Always navigate to if you need to log in to the website
  2. Always mouse-over a hyperlink to see where the link will take you
  3. Always check the RS / OSRS news section to verify any offer or promotion you've seen
  4. Always be wary of links posted in comments on 3rd party sites (YouTube, Twitch, etc.)
  5. Never visit an unknown site that promise free Bonds/XP/Gold/PMod status
  6. Always be suspicious of any 'support' email, if you've not contacted Jagex Support yourself
  7. Aways be wary of anyone asking for your Bank Pin - Jagex will NEVER ask you for this information
  8. Never log in to an account that wasn't created by yourself
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