Fake websites

Be wary of fake or 'phishing' websites as these are designed to look like official sites, but can potentially steal sensitive information, such as login details.

If you are ever asked to log into a website that looks suspicious - don't, it probably is!


Our domains 
You may have been given a link to a website which doesn't feel right, so to avoid any doubt our official domains and short link URLs can be found below:



Official Domains

Short links on Twitter

RuneScape.com rs.game
OldSchool.RuneScape.com osrs.game
Jagex.com jgx.game

If you are unsure of a link you can always manually enter our URL into your browser or save any of our official sites into your bookmarks for a more confident way of locating the site.


Help! I've followed a link to a dodgy website
If you think you've followed a dodgy link, you must secure your account:

  1. Scan your computer for viruses/keyloggers
  2. Change your RuneScape password
  3. Change your email password
  4. Ensure the RuneScape Authenticator is enabled


How to avoid being phished
There's no such thing as being too cautious! 

  • Always navigate to runescape.com or oldschool.runescape.com to login
  • Be suspicious of links shared on third-party websites (Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  • Never visit an unknown site that promises free Bonds/XP/Gold/PMod status
  • Mouse-over a hyperlink to see where the link will take you
  • Check the RS / OSRS news section to verify any offer or promotion you've seen


Fake Mods 
Be aware that some people pretend to be JMods in order to gain access to your personal information.

A JMod will never: 

  • Contact you with support in-game (unless it's about Bonds) 
  • Ask for your password (unless on a form where it's hidden)
  • Ask for your Bank PIN 
  • Get you to log into an account that wasn't created by you 
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