Transferring character names

There is no guaranteed way of safely transferring character names between accounts as this comes at the player's own risk.

What are the risks?
During a character name transfer, there can be risks involved, these could be that the:

  • Name gets taken
  • Name becomes unavailable


Character name taken whilst transferring?
You should keep hold of your character name if you are attached to it. If another player has claimed the name during the transfer we will be unable to assist.


Character name transfer services. 
We strongly advise against using a service offered on a third-party website to transfer a name for you. These services generally involve a person gaining access to your account and either adding or removing a display name for you and are almost always linked to Real World Trading. This is open to many risks and in extreme cases can lead to you permanently losing access to the account or having it stripped of wealth and items. Please see our Account Sharing and Buying or Selling Accounts Section in the Rules of RuneScape for more information.

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