Trading character names

Can I trade a character name with another player?
We do not condone players purchasing character names from another player, whether using in-game currency or real world money.
Please be aware that obtaining a name from another player always carries the risk that the name you want is taken by somebody else before you get to put it on your account.
Although every name is unique, names which are perceived as desirable often have many people trying to obtain them, these 'desirable' names can often be 'snapped up' by another player within seconds of being released, for this reason our general advice is to not attempt to transfer names between accounts.
Any agreement you make with another player involving real world money is also in breach of our Real World Trading rule.
Nobody has our permission to sell RuneScape account names and anyone involved in buying or selling account names will be deemed to be in serious breach of their agreement with Jagex, which could lead to all accounts used by that person being permanently banned.
Players who simply use character names as a vehicle to obtain large amounts of RuneScape gold and not for their intended purpose risk having their character names removed from their account. Players who 'hoard' (use multiple accounts to store lots of desirable names) for the purposes of obtaining large amounts of RuneScape gold also risk having their character names removed from their account.

We will use our discretion to determine if we believe a player is hoarding names on low level accounts, and may remove the names even if there hasn't been any clear evidence of active name trading, in the interests of proactively preventing such actions. The decision to remove a name from the account is only ever after careful consideration and investigation, and as such is final.

If a player continues to hoard names despite having had action taken against them, we may choose to permanently remove the low level accounts from play, as their only intention is to hoard desirable names, often used only to generate in game wealth. In severe cases, a decision to permanently ban all associated accounts may be made by a senior JMod.

If Jagex has evidence to suggest the gold is to be sold for real world money, we may issue permanent bans to the accounts involved.
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