Boost your account security

The RuneScape Authenticator is a great first step in keeping your account(s) secure, but did you know that there is more you can do to make it even more secure?

RuneScape Authenticator is best thought of as a padlock – it doesn’t matter how strong the padlock is if someone else can simply use the key to it. Keeping your registered email secure is of equal if not greater importance when to make the most of the Authenticator.

If you haven't already, here are some top tips you should consider:

Add 2-Step verification to your registered email

Similar to how you protect your RuneScape account with the Authenticator, you can also protect your email address with 2-step verification. Having this extra level of security on your registered email means only you can access it, using a device of your choice to authorise access.

Most large email providers will offer a two step verification feature, here are links to help you get started:

Add 2-Step verification to your back up emails

Any email address which can be used to recover your registered email address is known as a 'back up email'. You want to apply the same security consciousness with this address like you do with your registered email address.

Check your Authenticator Status

To check if RuneScape Authenticator is active and protecting your account, check in the RuneScape lobby to see if you can see a tick on the Authenticator button:


A good time to check that the Authenticator is still active is if you update the password to your account for any reason. Old School RuneScape players can check by clicking on Account on the RuneScape homepage, and check the Authenticator tab. 

Keep your passwords secure

  • Don't reuse passwords on either your RuneScape accounts or your email, and make sure you have set strong passwords that are going to be hard to guess/break
  • Make sure the passwords to your emails and your RuneScape account are NEVER the same
  • Consider using a password manager like LastPass to help manage your passwords
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