Summer Special 2017

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Summer Special FAQ

Snap up this year's Menaphos Summer Special package and grab yourself 3 months of membership at a discounted price! Running from the 19th May to mid-July, don't miss out! 

Known Issues

Old School Summer Special price showing as £ GBP


If the price for the Summer Special is shown as £11.99 and you usually see membership options with a different currency, this is a known issue that we hope to have corrected as soon as possible.

Not to worry, just click ‘Buy now’ and you should see the correct price for your location on the payment screen as normal.

Summer Special doesn't appear on the members benefits page.


A few players have reported not being able to see the Menophos Summer Special on the main page of RuneScape. We are also aware that when players hit ‘Become a Member’ from the front page, there is no mention about the Menophos Summer Special.

If you are not already on a continuous loyalty rate then just select the 3 months’ package, and you will be able to see the Summer Special as your default payment option.

Cannot see the Summer Special option on the payment page

As the Menophos Summer Special is a one-off promotion which is being offered to players who do not have a continuous loyalty rate, and as there are no additional perks outside the discounted membership, you will not miss out in any way.

The overall savings you make for your continued loyalty, far outweigh a one-off promotion such as this one!

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