LootScape is a way for us to reward and say thank you to our Twitch viewers by giving away something to each viewer when they watch selected RuneScape streams. This won’t be the case for every single stream we do, but we aim to spoil you with regular gifts!
Linking accounts
To receive the data from Twitch and for us to add LootScape items to your account, your Twitch and RuneScape accounts need to be linked.
To link your accounts:

  1. Log in to the RuneScape account you want to link
  2. Create or log in to the Twitch account you want to link
  3. Accept all criteria to allow RuneScape Drops access to your Twitch account 

Fix it fast: Link my accounts

Once your accounts are linked, all you need to do is watch streams where LootScape is activated to be eligible for the gifts.
LootScape enabled
Streams with LootScape enabled will an indicator in the chat window.


We'll also always mention it when a LootScape give-away is active, so be sure to follow our social media channels and news posts for extra information.
Receiving rewards
Drops are awarded to eligible viewers within 24 hours of the stream finishing. This allows the information to be retrieved from Twitch before being verified and awarded to the linked RuneScape account.
You'll receive a message when logging in to the RuneScape account that has received a reward, so avoid panicking if you don't receive the item straight away! 
Please be patient and rest assured that as long as you have watched a stream where LootScape was active and your accounts are linked correctly, you will receive your rewards.
An important note about Adblockers
If you have an Adblocker on your browser it may prevent Twitch from being able to send us the data needed, so you'll be unable to receive a Loot Chest.

Please add Twitch as an exception to your Adblocker if you'd like to get a drop, or turn it off momentarily whilst you're watching the stream.
How do I get the Twitching Orb pet?


This is the first item we are giving away as part of the LootScape initiative. All you need to do is watch a stream where the Twitching pet is available once you’ve linked your RuneScape and Twitch accounts.
Your new pet also comes with the ability to track how many LootScape enabled streams you've watched.
Is the pet overridable? 
What sort of items can I expect to receive? 

We aim to run regular LootScape campaigns and give out a selection of items.

During the month of October 2017 you had the chance to get the Twitching Orb pet, which is the first item we offered with LootScape.

The second item is a Twitch Lootcrate, which once opened will let you roll on a special drop table and get some in-game rewards such as money pouches and bonus XP stars. For now, you’ll continue to get the Twitching Orb with this Lootcrate if you haven’t already unlocked it. It’s worth noting you can only get one Lootcrate per stream, but can get another crate if you watch another stream.

In the future, we will continue to look at different items and ways to say thanks for watching our streams.

Help! My pet isn’t correctly showing the right number of streams I’ve watched!
You will need to have watched each LootScape enabled stream for at least one minute to be eligible. 
Remember, not all of our streams will have Twitch Drops enabled, so if you watch a non-LootScape enabled stream, it will not register either. 
Make sure you look out for the icon on the Twitch stream!
Which streams will be eligible for LootScape?
We will aim to run LootScape for every RuneScape stream on a Tuesday and Friday, kicking off with the October Month Ahead stream on October 3rd.

We might run additional drops for one-off streams or special events like RuneFest too in the future - make sure you keep your eyes peeled to our Stream Schedule each week for the details!
With the Twitching Orb pet, the number of ‘watched streams’ it tracks, will increase with each RuneScape stream you watch. OldSchool streams will not count towards this number.
What about OldSchool streams?
For the time being, there are no plans to have LootScape drops for OldSchool. 
If this changes at any point, we’ll let you know!

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