Twitch viewers will receive LootScape rewards when they watch selected RuneScape streams. 

  • Link your accounts

    To receive LootScape items to your account, your Twitch and RuneScape accounts need to be linked.

    Link your account to Twitch


    Once your accounts are linked, all you need to do is watch streams where LootScape is activated to be eligible for the gifts. 

    Unlink Twitch
    To unlink your account from Twitch, log into the correct account and select the 'Unlink Twitch' button.

  • Make sure LootScape's enabled

    Streams with LootScape enabled will have an indicator in the chat window.


    We'll always mention it when a LootScape give-away is active, so be sure to follow our social media channels and news posts for extra information.

    Receiving rewards

    • Drops are awarded to eligible viewers within 24 hours of the stream finishing.
    • This allows the information to be retrieved from Twitch before being verified and awarded to the linked RuneScape account.
    • You'll receive a message when logging into the RuneScape account that has received a reward.
  • Not received rewards?

    If you haven't received your reward please make sure you're following these tips:

    • You need to watch each LootScape enabled stream for at least one minute. 
    • Not all of our streams will have Twitch Drops.
    • Streams played in hidden tabs might not registered as watched.
    • If you have an Adblocker on your browser it may prevent Twitch from being able to send us the data needed. Please turn it off momentarily whilst you're watching the stream. 

      Recently changed your Twitch Password?
    • If you change your Twitch password your linked RuneScape accounts will be invalidated.
    • They will still show as linked on your RuneScape or Twitch account, but if you've changed your password on Twitch then the accounts will no longer be linked.
    • Head to your Twitch Connections Settings and disconnect RuneScape Drops.
    • You'll then need to re-link your RuneScape account with Twitch
  • How to get the Twitching Orb pet


    All you need to do is watch a stream where the Twitching pet is available once you’ve linked your RuneScape and Twitch accounts.
    Your new pet also comes with the ability to track how many LootScape enabled streams you've watched.

What about Old School streams?
For the time being, there are no plans to have LootScape drops for OldSchool. 
If this changes at any point, we’ll let you know!

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