Meet the ICU team!

The Investigations into the Community Unit (or ICU) are part of the wider Jagex Player Support team. They perform a number of important functions, including:

  • Anti-cheating investigations
  • Real world trading investigations
  • Copyright investigations
  • Oversight of ban appeals
  • Manual staff investigations (excluding Community Safety)

The team is 7 JMods strong, headed up by Mod Beno. Collectively, they ban millions of accounts every year, remove trillions of GP from both RuneScape & Old School, and work hard to protect the health and integrity of the game.

They also work alongside the Player Support team in improving the overall player experience, community behaviour & more. While the ICU team often work behind closed doors, you might see them on Twitter or reddit from time to time, answering your questions, busting myths & calling out the occasional cheater. 


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