9th - 15th October - Player Support Stats


Here in Player Support we want to be as transparent as possible, which is why we share our department stats with the community on a now weekly basis. 

We'll share everything from incoming tickets to player satisfaction scores, bot bans and more. 

  • Player Contacts

    We received a total of 10,268 tickets and contacts this week, with the majority of contact regarding account help issues. Here's the breakdown:


    Work type Volume
    Support tickets 2,155
    Account recovery appeals 4,595
    Offensive names 2,122
    Offence appeals 100
    Tweets 1,296


    When we process an offensive name report, we either take no action, or remove it for being offensive or impersonating a staff member. Here's the breakdown of action we took:


    Action taken Volume
    No action taken 1,871
    Offensive 251
    Staff impersonation 0


    We also take a variety of actions against offence appeals, depending on if the account was hijacked, or if the offence was issued correctly. Here's what we did for the 100 offence appeals we processed:


    Action taken Volume
    Grant Appeal 39
    Deny Appeal 60
    Grant + Secure account 1
    Deny + Modify offence 0


    With every contact we receive it's important we respond to you quickly, and we strive to reply to all players within 48 hours. Here's how we did this week:


    Time taken % of contacts
    1 hour 41%
    12 hours 89%
    24 hours 98%
    48 hours 99%


    Resolving your issue in our first response is a key measure of success too - and while it won't always be possible, it's something we work hard to achieve. Here's the breakdown:


    # replies % of contacts
    1 76%
    2 17%
    3+ 7%

    As you can see we resolved over 3/4 of all issues in just one reply, but there's work to be done to reduce the number of replies for a small portion of players. We review these contacts regularly, to see why the ticket required 3 or more responses from Jagex to resolve.


    Player satisfaction is also key to measuring how satisfied you are with the service we offer. At the end of every contact, we provide players the opportunity to fill out a quick survey about their experience.


    This week 86% of players were satisfied with the service they received, leaving 14% unsatisfied. We investigate all unsatisfied contacts to understand if there was anything we could have done differently, but we find the majority are from cases of banned or hijacked accounts. 


  • Support Centre

    We also measure a lot of data about the Support Centre, including overall views, searches & our most viewed pages. Here's a snapshot of what this week had in store for us...


    - 85,552 visited the Support Centre looking for answers to their questions.

    - 6,617 players used the search feature to find what they were looking for.


    Here's the breakdown of the top views:


    Page Views
    Account bans 8,268
    LootScape 4,252
    Hijacked 3,685


    ...and here's the searches:


    Term Views
    'hacked' 162
    'ban' 129
    'contact' 129


    We use this data to help make improvements to our Support Centre, and have dedicated Player Support Mods who specialise in optimising help articles and the overall experience. You can also use the thumbs up & down at the bottom of each article to let us know if you found the information helpful or not.

  • Anti-Cheating Bans

    Keeping your game free of cheats is a top priority for the Investigations into the Community team (ICU), so here's how many accounts we've banned for cheating this week. Please remember - your reports are really useful, so please do flag suspected bots in game to us!


    Game Temp Ban Perm Ban
    RuneScape 1,076 152,912
    Old School 1,374 91,994
    Total 2,450 244,906


    We use a number of methods to detect and remove cheats from your game - and as you can see from the above figures, it's something we take seriously!


    Thank you for taking the time to check out this weeks Player Support stats - see you next week!

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