[07/12] AOL/AIM e-mail issues

[Update 07/12/2017]

Our email service provider has been working closely with the AOL team, and we should soon be in a position where transactional emails are sent again for our AOL/AIM users. 

We'll highlight on this announcement once we're confident this issue has been resolved. 


We are aware that players with AOL/AIM e-mail addresses may still be experiencing issues receiving messages from Jagex.

We're working with our e-mail provider to isolate a cause for this, but for now please retry your request and be sure to check your junk/spam folders. Please regularly check this page for updates.

[Update 23/11/17]

We're still working with our provider and the AOL team to resolve any remaining issues, and will update you all when we're confident this issue is fully resolved. 

Thank you for your continued patience.

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