How to clear your RuneScape Cache on a Mac

TIP - This article applies to the Java Client only, for information about the Client Cache, please check this article

What is my RuneScape Cache?

RuneScape stores some files locally on your Mac which we refer to as the RuneScape Cache. Sometimes one or more of these files can become corrupted and cause problems starting the game. One of the signs that the problem is being caused by your Cache files is that no error message will appear and the client will close itself. The important thing is not to worry, as deleting the locally stored files will solve the problem!

What do I need to do?

Use spotlight to locate any folders named .jagex_cache_32 or similar on your Mac, find and delete the following files/folders:

  • preferences
  • dat
  • dat
  • 'LIVE' folder

NOTE - Don't worry if you can't find all of the files and folders, just delete the ones you can see

I've deleted the files, what now?

NOTE: You will have to re-download your cache after following these steps. During this time you may notice a slight decrease in performance.

Now we've finished clearing your RuneScape Cache files, please now try to launch the game again. You should now find that the problem is solved! If the issue remains after following these steps, please check out our other solutions to common client issues.

Having problems with these steps?

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