How do I allocate more RAM to Java?

Why would I need to do this?

If you find that RuneScape is stuttering or running slowly when you launch the game in your browser, increasing the amount of RAM allocated to Java can improve the performance and increase stability.

TIP - This is a browser version solution, if you're having this issue with the client, we have made a list of common client issues.

How would I do this?

  1. Open the Start Menu 
  2. Open the Windows Control Panel, by clicking on Control Panel
  3. Click on the Java icon 
  4. Select the'Java' tab on the window that appears.
  5. Select the'View' button in this Java tab.
  6. You will now see your installed Java versions. In the fourth column (titled 'Java Runtime Parameters') double click, and you will have a text entry box
  7. Type -Xmx256m into the box. The 256 part tells Java to use up to 256mb of RAM instead of the default, which is much lower. To allocate more or less, just change the number. PLEASE NOTE - It is not recommended to go for any more than 60% of your total RAM!
  8. Click Apply and OK, then close your browser (if open) and re-open.
  9. Try playing RuneScape!

What if this didn't solve my issue?

We have created a list of more information and solutions to common Graphical and Connectivity Problems - maybe some of them will help out!

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