How to launch the game in safe mode

These steps are for the Java client.

What is Safe Mode and why would I need to use it?

Launching RuneScape in Safe Mode bypasses the Auto Graphics Setup and allows the game to run without using Open GL or DirectX. Safe Mode places less of a strain on your system, the graphics card in particular. If you are trying to play using an older laptop that doesn't have a dedicated Graphics Card, then Safe Mode should allow you to get into game. You can check your system specs on the recommended and minimum specs page and see what kind of performance to expect from your system when playing.

The below steps will launch RuneScape in Safe Mode. Old School RuneScape only uses Safe Mode, so will automatically start in this mode.

How do I launch the game in Safe Mode?

Open the client using it's shortcut.

This will first open a small loading bar window like below;

Then, this will disappear and be replaced by a game window;

As soon as this window opens, click on the window to 'focus' it, meaning that it's affected by your keypresses.

Once you've clicked into it press the following keys (depending on your operating system);

  • Windows - the 'S' key
  • Mac - both the 'S' key and the Apple key (⌘)

and hold the key(s) down until the game has finished updating (when the loading circle finishes / the login screen is shown).

Right, I've loaded the game in Safe Mode, what now?

Well you're in game now, so we're making progress! If the recommended and minimum specs page states that your Hardware should be able to support either DirectX or OpenGL Display Modes, then open your "Game Settings" and choose the "Graphics" tab and change the Display Mode as appropriate.

If you are still experiencing low FPS or other Display Issues after changing to your preferred Display Mode, please see the managing graphics settings page which provides some great advice to optimize graphical performance on your system.

And if safe mode didn't improve anything, check out more graphical and connection based fixes!

I couldn't load the game in Safe Mode - what do I do?

Firstly, make sure you have your timing right on the step above - you'll want to hold down 'S' as soon as you see the client open, right up until you see that login screen.

If you're having trouble opening the client at all, check these common client issues.

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