How to clear your Browser Cache on PC

What is stored in my Browser Cache and why would I need to clear it?

Your Browser Cache is a temporary storage location in your PC that contains files that are downloaded by your browser in order to display websites. These files include any documents that make up a website such as HTML files, CSS style sheets , JavaScript as well as graphical images and multimedia content. The more different websites you visit, the larger your browser cache becomes.

If you find that the RuneScape Homepage or any other part of the site only partially loads or looks like it's badly formatted, then it may be out of date files in your Cache causing the problem. It's nothing to worry about, as deleting your Browser Cache will solve the problem and force your browser to download the required files again.

Before you try these steps, give refreshing the problem page a go! You can do this quickly by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard.

How do I clear my Browser Cache?

The required steps vary depending on which Web Browser you are using. We have included steps below for the three most popular web browsers for Windows Users:


1 - Press the CTRL+Shift+Delete keys together, a new window will appear with several tick boxes
2 - Tick "Cached images and files" - Untick all of the other boxes to avoid deleting your browser history, stored cookies etc
3 - Click "Clear browsing data" at the bottom corner of the window
4 - Close the "Settings" tab


1 - Press the CTRL+Shift+Delete keys together and a window will appear as pictured below:

2 - Click the "Details" arrow to make the windows show more information, it should now look like this:

3 - Untick all the boxes except for "Cache"
4 - Click the "Clear Now" button

Internet Explorer/Edge

1 - Press the CTRL+Shift+Delete keys together and a window will appear as pictured below:

2 - Untick all of the boxes except for "Temporary internet files and website files"
3 - Click the "Delete" button

NOTE: You may notice that websites take a few seconds longer to load the first time you visit them after clearing your browser cache, this is because your browser is downloading the files required to display the website correctly.

I've cleared my Browser Cache, what now?

Now you've successfully cleared your Browser Cache, try to visit the page(s) where you experienced the issue. You should now find that the problem is solved!

If this doesn't work, and the page still isn't loading fully, give some connection steps a try.

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