My game is stuck in Safe Mode, what should I do?

Why am I stuck in Safe Mode?

This happens when too much RAM has been allocated to the Client or Java if you are playing in your Web Browser. It's easily sorted by editing your PRM file and lowering the amount of allocated RAM down to 512 MB.

What do I need to do?

We've got dedicated articles that walk you through the required edit to the runescape.prm file linked below. Please ensure you do not allocate any more than 512MB of RAM to ensure you don't remain stuck in Safe Mode.



As the browser version of RuneScape is often unstable on Mac due to interactions with Java, we would recommend using the client if you are having any problems playing in your browser.

Having problems with these steps?

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I've completed the edit, what now?

Now all you need to do is to load the game up, you will find that you are no longer forced to load in Safe Mode!

If you still find that you are forced to load into Safe Mode, please get in touch so we can investigate this with you.

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