Improve Laptop Performance

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We have many solutions to help you optimize your Laptop or Macbook’s performance.

Constant Power
When a Laptop runs purely on battery power, the graphic settings can often be reduced. Plugging in your laptop should help improve your graphics!   


When a laptop begins to show signs of overheating, the CPU (Central Processing Unit) kicks in preventing it from overheating further.

Signs of this include:

  • Shutting down 
  • Getting hot 
  • FPS (Frames Per Second) drop
  • Fan noise/speed increase


Air Flow
Air flow is hugely important when it comes to Laptops as they don’t have the same systems as desktops do.

Ensure that you always have your Laptop:

  • On a flat surface so air can easily flow to and from the device
  • There are no barriers blocking the air flow

Having good air flow is important, as it means your system is less likely to rise in temperature.


Other useful tips
Balanced Mode (Default): Automatically increases your CPU’s speed when your computer needs it.

High Performance Mode: CPU’s speed isn’t lowered when it isn’t being used so will be running at higher speeds most of the time.

In Windows, turn on high performance mode by going to:

  1. Start menu
  2. Control panel
  3. Power options
  4. High performance

Mac's don't have an explicit High Performance Mode. 


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