How do I optimize my laptop's performance?

If your game is running slower, or is automatically running on lower graphics than expected you may get some better performance after using the tips below.

Constant Power

Many laptops will reduce settings when they are using battery power, to extend the life of the battery. By keeping your laptop connected to the mains, with constant power, this ensures settings are not reduced.

Air Flow

Over-heated laptops may slow down, so ensure that your laptop is placed on a clean, flat surface, making sure that the back and sides of your laptop have good airflow.


Even with great airflow, older laptops may begin to heat up, causing CPU throttling to prevent the processor from overheating. There are many free programs which can be used to measure the temperature of your laptop's internal components to allow you to check for this.

If you do find that your system is running hot, it would be worth taking it to a local repair centre to see if it just needs a good clean!

High Performance Mode

Mac does not have an explicit High Performance Mode, however Macbooks can also benefit from the steps above. Follow these steps to turn on high performance mode in Windows;

  1. Go to the start menu
  2. Click on Control panel
  3. Click on Power Options
  4. Click on High Performance - you may need to click on Show additional plans to unlock this option

Having problems with these steps?

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What if this didn't solve my issue?

We have made a guide on common graphical issues as well as one on performance problems, and you can also try allocating more RAM to the client (on Windows or Mac) which can benefit low performance.

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