Forgotten registered email

This article refers to your registered email address - if you need help remembering your login email, go to Forgotten login.
If you can log in to the account
1. Navigate to your account settings on the RuneScape website

2. Click on the 'Email & Communication Preferences' tab to see a hint to the email address associated with the account

Fix it fast: My account settings 

If you can't log in to the account
1. Begin the recovery process by entering your login name or email
2. You'll then be prompted with an email hint. If this is enough to jog your memory, clicking on 'Yes' will send an email to that address where you can also change your password. If the hint still hasn't jogged your memory, click on 'No' to proceed and get in touch directly.
3. Complete the Account Recovery form with as much information as you can provide. We will investigate the account, and providing the information you've provided matches that on record, you'll be able to recover it with the minimum of fuss. Please remember the more information you can give us about the account, the better!

Fix it fast: Reset my password

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