How do I enable SSL on Mac?

Why would I need to do this?

SSL is a different type of encrypted connection from the connection usually used by the RuneScape client. Enabling this allows the RuneScape client to connect using a connection type which does not rely on the usual ports, so it may allow connection through secure or otherwise limited internet connections.

How would I do this?

  1. Open the terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
  2. Type in the following command (This command assumes that the official RuneScape client is located in your Applications folder):
    nano /Applications/
  3. This will open the file containing all the java settings for the client.
  4. Look for the line;
    and insert a new line after this, as the following line;
  5. Save this file.

If you are not able to edit the file found above due to this being a read only file, you will need to first unlock this file, using the steps below.

  1. Click on the 'Info.plist' file
  2. In the top bar
  3. Click on the 'File' option.
  4. In this menu, click 'Get Info'.
  5. In this window, there will either be a box under 'General' that says 'Locked' which you can uncheck, or, under 'Sharing and Permissions' click the small lock symbol and then ensure that your profile has 'Read and Write' permissions.
  6. Save all permissions and continue with editing the file, adding the line shown in step 4 above.

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