Updating / replacing bank card details

Looking to update or replace your existing card details for an existing subscription.

 Create a new subscription

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  • This will replace and supersede your old one by setting up a new agreement
  • Any existing membership will remain on the account
  • The next payment is taken 72 hours before your membership is set to expire
  • You will keep your loyalty/ discount rate, provided you start up your new subscription within 7 days of the previous one 

Update expiry date for a stored card

  • This is can be done at Checkout 
  • On the Payment screen just amend your expiry date on the card to the new date
  • For a new card number just hit 'Add new card'.

N.B. Please note that if you have been issued with a new card by your bank, then you will need to ensure that the card number is the same or it will no longer work


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