Updating / replacing bank card details

Updating my Expiry Date

If your card number has remained the same and you only need to update the expiry date, follow the steps below:

1. First, click here to access the card management screen (you can also access this page by clicking 'shop', then 'membership' and signing in)

2. Towards the bottom of the page where it says 'Payment', choose the card you wish to update and select 'manage saved cards' located towards the right

3. In the same space on the new page you will see the options 'delete' and 'edit'. Select 'edit'

4. Update your card with the new expiry dates and hit 'confirm'

Brand New Card Number

To update your card details, simply set up a new subscription on your account - this will automatically disable the old subscription and you will not be charged to your previous card details again.

Fix it fast: Set Up A New Subscription

As a result:

  • A new payment is taken immediately, kickstarting your new subscription with your updated details
  • Membership is stacked to your existing balance, so you don't lose out on any membership you haven't been able to use yet
  • Your renewal date is pushed back, and we will only take the next payment up to 72 hours before your membership is set to expire

Will I keep my loyalty/ discount rate?

Yes! Provided you start up your new subscription within 7 days of the previous one running out.

When I select 'membership' under the 'shop' tab it doesn't show my discounted loyalty membership rate

1. Select any of the packages available

2. Sign into your account

You will then notice your loyalty rate is now available!

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