Multiple charges


Being charged more than once a month
If you are receiving more than one charge to your Credit Card/ PayPal account the likelihood is you have set up a subscription on multiple accounts.

  1. Locate your subscriptions. 
  2. Enter your contact and card information
  3. You will then be directed to a page which will show any ongoing subscriptions linked to your card details
  4. Cancel any unwanted subscriptions 


Double charge
Payments made via credit/debit cards and PayPal are subject to pre-authorisation (or pre-auth). This means we have no yet receive the money for your purchase, this sometimes takes up to 7 days to be processed. 

This is a temporary funds hold and not a true charge. It will be shown as a "pending charge” on your bank statement .

Pre-authorisation is commonly used prior to running a full authorisation for a purchase. If your pre-authorisation fee is refused by your bank or credit/debit card company, the full charge will be cancelled, and the purchase will not be processed.


Check if you have an active subscription

Follow the steps below:

1. Visit the RuneScape website and click 'Account'

2. Sign in and view the right of the screen where it should say 'Recurring Membership'. If you wish to cancel the recurring subscription you can do so by clicking 'manage my subscription'


I don't have a RuneScape account so why am I being charged?

If you don't play RuneScape and are receiving charges to your account from Jagex we would first ask to check with your family or household to see if they have used your card to set up a subscription.

For more information and further assistance please see our Unrecognised Payments Article.

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