Pre-Paid Credit Card: Making a Successful Purchase

You can use the 'Step by Step Guide' below if you have had issues using your Pre-Paid Credit Card, or the 'Common Questions' section if you still remain stuck after the guide!

How to use your Pre-Paid Credit Card Successfully

Pre-Paid Credit Cards work in exactly the same way as a regular Credit/Debit Card - you simply select 'Credit/Debit Card' from the Billing Purchase Screen.

There are two key reasons why a payment may not go through using a Pre-Paid Credit Card:

      • Your card is not allowed to make international payments (Jagex are in the UK)
      • Your card has not been activated or authorised to make online payments

Allowing International Payments

After checking the terms & conditions of your Pre-Paid Card, it may be worth contacting your card provider to see if they will allow international payments.

If not, and you have already purchased a card that you now cannot use, don't panic! There are still a number of ways you can use your card for RuneScape purchases:

      • Use your card in local store to purchase RS Pre-Paid Game Cards (check our official store locator to find the nearest store to you)
      • Use your card to make your purchases from an online supplier, such as
      • Try using your card to set up a PayPal account, which you can then use on RuneScape

Activate your Pre-Paid Card

If you are certain that your card can be used internationally, please check that:

      • Your card has been activated by the supplier
      • Your card can be used to make online purchases


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