Disabling the Authenticator

For the security of accounts we do not recommend disabling the authenticator off accounts. The authenticator assists with protecting your in game account and your all-important wealth and items.

We understand that in some rare cases that the authenticator will need to be disabled. To do this you first of all need to make sure you have the following.

  1. Access to the registered email address attached to your RuneScape account
  2. The registered email address is secure and only you the owner has access to it.
  3. Have a bank pin set on the account.
  4. No valuable items should be left in your backpack. Please place them in your bank.

What if I have forgotten my registered email address?

Please head to the article called 'Forgotten registered email' for more details on what you need to do.

What if I cannot access my registered email address?

Do not worry if you can't access your registered email address. We have a process in place to help you on your way. Please head to the article called 'Can't access registered email'.

How do I disable the authenticator off my account?

To disable the authenticator all you need to do is follow the below steps.

  1. Enter your login details.

2. Go to the authenticator tab in your account settings and click on the ‘Disable’ hyperlink.

3. An email to disable the authenticator has been sent to your registered email address. Please click the link in the email.

  • Do not forget to check spam folders.

4. Enter your login details again.

5. The authenticator is now disabled off the account.


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