Credit/Debit Cards: Making a Successful Purchase

You can use the 'Step by Step Guide' below if you have had issues making a successful credit/debit card purchase, or the 'Common Questions' section if you have experienced a different issue with your credit/debit card.

How to make a successful Credit/Debit Card payment

There are three key reasons why a payment made with your credit or debit card won't go through.

1 - The details entered are not correct

If you've entered your card details but upon hitting Purchase, you're presented with the following screen:

This means that you've entered some details incorrectly. Double check what you've written, and once you've made your corrections, try making a purchase again!

2 - The payment has been declined by your bank

Bank's do not provide us with a reason when this happens. Don't worry, it's nothing to be concerned about. To help your purchase succeed next time, try taking these steps:

        • Check if your bank/card issuer is blocking international payments – remember that Jagex Ltd is based in the United Kingdom
        • Check there are sufficient funds in your bank account
        • Double-check to make sure you entered your card information correctly
        • Make sure you have selected the country you are currently in (not the country you or your card is from)

If you've tried all of the above and still can't complete a payment, start by contacting your bank to see if the payment was declined by their security systems – they have access to all the details required to help you.

3 - The payment has been declined by our systems

If you've contacted your bank, and they say they've had no issues that might prevent the purchase going through, then our systems may have halted the purchase. Please follow these specific steps:

        • Wait for a minimum of 24 hours before trying again
        • Try a different payment method – for example, PayPal is similar to your debit card in that it takes funds from your bank
        • Try using an alternative Debit/Credit Card

Note - When a payment has failed, your bank may reserve funds in advance for making the payment – please note that these would be displayed as 'processed' or 'pending' on your statement.

Don't worry, funds for payments that were declined have not been released to Jagex and will be automatically returned - it can take up to 5 working days for your card issuer to return the payment.

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