PayBySMS/Boku: Making a Successful Purchase

You can use the 'Step by Step Guide' below if you want to see the correct way to make a 'PayBySMS/Boku' payment, or the 'Common Questions' section if you have already tried to make a purchase, but something has gone wrong!

How to make a successful 'PayBySMS/Boku' purchase

If you are looking to make a purchase via your mobile phone, please follow the step by Step guide below:

Step One - Select 'PayBySMS' as your 'Payment Method'

  1. Select 'PayBySMS'
  2. Select the package you want to purchase
  3. Check you have the right package selected
  4. Click 'Proceed to Boku' (our payment partner who processes SMS purchases)

Step Two - Enter your Mobile Number

  1. Enter your mobile number (no need for international codes, just enter it as you would locally)
  2. Click Continue

Step Three - Confirm the Purchase via your mobile device

  1. Check your mobile device for a text from BOKU. Follow the steps requested in the text message you receive

Step Four - Finalise the Payment

You'll receive confirmation that your payment was successful

  1. Click Continue

Step Five - Payment Confirmation/ Receipt

You'll receive a confirmation that your purchase has been successful, and the item/membership will be active on your account.

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