Membership not re-billed successfully

In most cases, simply setting up a new subscription will get you back into Member worlds quickly.

Fix it fast: Set Up A New Subscription

For more detailed troubleshooting, read on.

Credit Card/ PayPal

  1. Check you have sufficient funds in your bank account
  2. Have your card details expired - update them here
  3. Has your bank updated your card agreement which may affect any standing orders you have or international payments? (Jagex are located in the UK)

TIP: Contacting your bank/ PayPal will help identify your issue quickly

Boku (UK users only)

  1. Check your phone has enough credit to make the purchase (some mobile phone companies require a minimum amount of funds/ credit for the transaction to go through)
  2. Out of range - When accepting the membership renewal message via SMS your phone may have been unreachable due to lack of signal or problems with your phone network - check your signal and try again

TIP: Contacting Boku and your network provider will help you identify your issue quickly

Further Help

Once you have contacted your bank/ Paypal/ Boku and followed any instructions they have provided, to keep your membership active setup a new subscription.

  • Any previous subscription will automatically be cancelled, you won't be charged twice
  • Any membership days remaining will be carried forward onto your new subscription
  • Your loyalty rate and loyalty points will remain intact!

TIP: Please ensure that you are entering your details correctly and allow 24 hours before re-attempting the purchase of membership.

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