Subscription Issue

If an attempt to collect funds for a recurring subscription fails, we'll automatically try again a number of times over a 7 day period, to help ensure that you remain a member and do not lose any loyalty benefits.

Most subscription issues can be easily resolved, simply by setting up a new agreement via credit card or PayPal. 


Set up a new agreement

Setting up a new agreement overwrites the old one, which will be automatically cancelled. As long as you do not lapse in membership for longer than 7 days, your new agreement will still take into consideration any grandfathered rate you paid previously for membership.

Fix it fast: Set Up A New Subscription


Resolve problem with existing agreement

If you cannot set up a new agreement and your current one is still active, please follow these steps as we will try to collect funds from you again:

1. Check your card issuer has not started blocking international payments (we're in the UK)

2. Check the expiry date to any card associated to your agreement is still valid.

3. Ensure there are sufficient cleared funds in your bank/PayPal account.

4. Contact Contact your bank/PayPal to make sure there is no other issue with your account.


Alternative options

If you cannot resolve issues with your bank/PayPal, and you are not able to set up a new agreement, you could use your card/PayPal to: 

1. Purchase a RS Pre-Paid Game Cards (check our official store locator to find the nearest store to you)

2. Purchase from a reputable online supplier, such as


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