Amazon: Making a Successful Purchase

You can use the 'Step by Step Guide' below if you want to see the correct way to make a 'Amazon' purchase, or the 'Common Questions' section if you have already tried to make a purchase, but something has gone wrong!

How to make a successful purchase through 'Amazon'

If Amazon is available in your global location, making a RuneScape purchase is a simple 3 step process.

Step 1 - Search Amazon for a RuneScape Product

  1. Use the Amazon Search bar - the search term 'Jagex Games Studio' works best
  2. Select the package you want to purchase
  3. Click on 'Place Order' to proceed

Step 2 - Create or Link an Existing RuneScape Account

  1. Click 'Create & link account' if you have not created a RuneScape account yet (this will open up a RuneScape account creation screen)
  2. Click 'Link existing account' to link one of your existing RuneScape accounts.

You'll see a pop up panel asking you to enter your existing RuneScape account details (or set them up for a brand new account):


  1. Enter your login name / login email
  2. Enter your current RuneScape password
  3. Click Login

Step 3 - Review all details before confirming

If you have more than one account linked to your Amazon account, you can change the account that will receive your purchase via the 'purchase summary box' section:



  1. Check you have selected your preferred payment method
  2. Check your Invoice Address is up to date
  3. Make sure you have selected the correct RuneScape account to receive your items/membership
  4. Click 'Buy now' to confirm and process your purchase

Payment Confirmation/ Receipt

You'll receive a confirmation of purchase, and the items will be added to your selected RuneScape account.

The confirmation screen also shows you the RS display name of the account where items were added, as does the email you get sent by Amazon after a successful purchase.

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