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A Bank can be used to deposit, store, and withdraw items and wealth. If you create a Bank PIN, you will be asked to enter a 4-digit code to gain access to your account, which helps to keep your valuables safe.


Set a Bank PIN

1 Go to any Bank in Gielinor and right-click (long press on mobile) the banker
2 Select ‘I’d like to check my PIN settings’
3 Hit ‘Set a PIN’ settingpin3.png
4 Confirm your choice by selecting ‘Yes, I really want a Bank PIN. I will never forget it!’
5 Enter your 4 digit PIN
6 The PIN will be activated in 7 days


Recovery Delay
If you forget your PIN, you can remove it. For security reasons, there is a delay before the PIN is removed. To update the delay period:

  1. Right-click a banker
  2. Choose ‘I’d like to check my PIN settings’
  3. Toggle the recovery delay between 3 or 7 days by clicking 'Change recovery delay'

For maximum security, we recommend the 7 day waiting period!


Select 'Change recovery delay'


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