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We recommend keeping a Bank PIN set but if you've forgotten your PIN or need to remove it, here's how.

Remove a Bank PIN if you know the PIN

1 Go to any Bank and right-click (long press on mobile) the Banker 
2 Enter your Bank PIN Screenshot_2022-06-14_105654.png
3 Select ‘I’d like to check my PIN settings’
4 Choose ‘Delete your PIN’
5 Hit ‘Yes, I don’t need a PIN anymore’ and enter your PIN

The PIN will be removed and your Bank will no longer be protected.


Remove a Bank PIN if you don't know the PIN

If you've forgotten your PIN, when prompted for it, select "I don't know it". Your PIN will be reset in 3 or 7 days, depending on the recovery delay you selected when you set it up. You will be unable to withdraw items until the new PIN has been completely reset.

While you wait, you can use a Bank deposit box to deposit items into your bank without entering your PIN. These boxes are located in banks and other locations around Gielinor.


Click 'I don't know it'.


A hijacker set or removed my bank PIN

If a hijacker has set a PIN on your account, make sure your account is secure before proceeding with the removal steps outlined above. 

If a hijacker has started the removal process but the delay period hasn't ended, you can cancel the removal by entering your PIN.

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