What is a Bank PIN?

The Bank PIN works just like a PIN code for your credit card with a 4 digit code that needs to be entered before you gain access to the contents of your bank. You can create your own Bank PIN by going to any bank in Gielinor.

The Bank PIN will give you peace of mind when you are not playing RuneScape and it only takes a few seconds to retrieve items when you next log in.

Depositing items
Before logging out of game it’s always a good idea to deposite your most expensive and rare items in your bank.

This can be done by speaking to any banker in game or depositing your rare items or wealth using deposit boxes that can be found in most banks in game.

Top tip
You will only ever need to provide your Bank PIN in game. If you are asked for it anywhere else it's likely to be a phishing attempt

Jagex will never ask for your Bank PIN. It should be known to you and no one else! Not even friends of family! 


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