What is a Bank PIN?

The Bank PIN is the next layer of security which will keep anyone from pinching your hard earned valuables. It uses a 4 digit code that can be used to protect your in game wealth once placed on your bank.

The Bank PIN works just like a PIN code for your credit card with a 4 digit code that needs to be entered before you gain access to the contents of your bank. You can create your own bank pin by going to any bank in Gielinor.

Please be aware that Jagex will never ask you for your bank pin. The bank PIN should be known to you and no one else! Not even friends of family! This is top secret!

Once you’ve chosen a memorable Bank PIN, it’s a good idea to start depositing your most expensive and rare items in your bank when you log off. This can be done by speaking to any banker in game or depositing your rare items or wealth using deposit boxes that can be found in most banks in game.

What if I forget my bank pin?

Forgetting your bank pin should not prevent you from continuing your adventures! You can use the deposit boxes to deposit items and wealth while waiting for your pin to reset if you do happen to forget it. You can take the time to level up some skills or even complete some quests you may not have done yet and can go back to.

What if the bank pin was set by a hijacker?

The Bank PIN will give you peace of mind when you are not playing RuneScape and it only takes a few seconds to retrieve items when you next log in. You have the choice of setting a removal time should you wish to change your Bank PIN. We offer a 3 or 7 day waiting period to remove the PIN, but for maximum security we recommend the 7 day waiting period!

If the bank pin was set by a hijacker the first thing we need to make is that your account is secure. The means making sure you have done the following.

Once you have done that you can then choose to remove the bank pin from the account. This will take 3 to 7 days depending on the pin delay that was chosen. While you wait you are free to continue on your adventures and use the deposit boxes if you wish to deposit items into your bank.

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