Contacting the 3rd party has not resolved my earned rewards issue


This is a article specific to contacting 3rd party offerwall providers about an offer which you have experienced an issue on. If you are new to earning rewards via 3rd party offers, please check out our main article on earning rewards.

What to do if your issue has still not been resolved by the 3rd party support team

If after completing an offer successfully, you have not received your reward of RuneCoins or Treasure Hunter Keys, you need to contact the relevant 3rd party support team.

If you have done this, but still feel that the matter has not been resolved correctly, please read all of the following statements, before contacting one of the Jagex Customer Support Specialists:

  • Are you certain that you completed the offer as advertised?
  • Do you have copies of receipts or screenshots of purchase/download/completion success?
  • What have the support team said was the reason you will not get your reward?
  • Do you have the offer ID, and/or any other transaction information?
  • Can you provide Jagex Support with an email to contact you back on (or have the third party contact you directly)?

Once you have all of the information above, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us button below - we will discuss your case with the relevant team again to see if we can help. 

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Response ETA: Up to 48 hours
   Check your Message Centre for a reply 

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