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This article discusses ways to play the Java version of RuneScape on Linux. Linux isn't an officially supported platform for RuneScape, so we're not able to offer official support for this.

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RuneScape runs fine through the browser most of the time on Linux, but sometimes it is better to play through the client to avoid browser related problems or to bypass limitations that the Java Plugin might have. Thanks to the awesome Linux community in RuneScape there are several ways to run the RuneScape client on Linux. There are scripts just to get up and running and even an unofficial "Client" for Linux/Unix.

Please be aware that some of the clients or crucial files are not available in certain countries due to "Legal Reasons", this means the clients will not work in those countries.

NOTE: Remember that the Bash Client ShellScripts and the RuneScape UNIX Client are made by other players and are not Officially supported by JAGEX!

The Official Windows Client through WINE

Not really a native client but it is listed here because it is the Official client made by JAGEX.
Firstly you need to install wine on your Linux computer. On Ubuntu and Linux Mint this can be done by using the command: sudo apt-get install wine

Then download the RuneScape Client for windows by going to: 

Game Info --> Downloads

And install it just like on Windows.

NOTE: Running the client through wine is often slower than running it natively.


Installation: Easy
Functionality: Everything
Supported Platforms: Windows & WINE
Limitations: Cannot use more than 1GB heap space for Java (wine limitation) and is slightly slower than native alternatives.
Architecture: 32-bit (can be run with wine on 64-bit but the Client is 32-bit)
Creator/Developer: JAGEX

The RuneScape UNIX Client (RSU Client)

This Unofficial OpenSource Client is written entirely in a script language called Perl. Perl is installed by default on most UNIX platforms.

The goal of this Client is to work on several platforms (both supported and not supported by JAGEX) and act as a replica of the Windows client but instead use the Java installed on the system and also integrate known fixes needed for common problems users run across when playing on these platforms.

The client uses the jagexappletviewer.jar file from either the official Windows or Mac client by calling java with a set of parameters found in a .prm file located in the clients /share folder.

Inside that same folder is a settings.conf.example file you can rename to settings.conf and later edit to enable/disable functions/fixes or alter the clients functionality (like changing the java version used to run the client).

If JAGEX updates their official clients you will easily be able to update this client too by running the update-runescape-client script.

Requirements/Dependencies (to just run it):

  • Perl
  • Perl-modules
  • Java or OpenJDK
  • grep
  • xterm (not needed if run on windows)
  • wget or curl
  • p7zip-full OR make, g++ and gcc

Extra Requirements/Dependencies if you want to use the Settings Editor, Updater and Launcher:

  • wxperl/libwx-perl/perl-wx

For sound fixes you might want:

  • Either pulseaudio and pulseaudio-utils AND/OR alsa and alsa-oss

Installation instructions:

Open the Terminal (Accessories --> Terminal) and run the command for your distro found in HikariKnight's GitHub page - this page also includes full instructions and further information.

You can now run the client by running the file "runescape" located in


Or you can install the Application menu entries by running the command:


This will add the entries for the client and updater under the Games section in your Application Menu.


Installation: Easy
Functionality: 99% of official client + Launcher with newsfeed, oldschool, client updater + OpenGL support/fix on Java7 + Settings Editor/Cache Cleaner
Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac, BSD, Solaris, Windows & WINE
Limitations: The message windows that are not in-game are black with black text.
Architecture: 32-bit, 64-bit, SPARC & ARM
Creator/Developer: HikariKnight

Java Wrapper

For those located in texas this is a good alternative for the RSU Client.

HikariKnight have been so nice to write a java wrapper for the browser plugin which will auto apply the OpenGL fix and tell java to run in client mode if it is available, Just like the client does, this means that there are no longer any performance difference between the RSU client and the browser (except the extra resources used by the browser).

You can get and install the java-wrapper here.
NOTE: As of 20.06.2012 the browser fix is considered STABLE for use.

Basic Client ShellScript

Previously there were several bash shellscripts posted on the forums in order to run the RuneScape client on Linux, these were made by Ethoxyethaan, Garage Punk and Mr Pacman. Sadly none of these are available any longer as they have been officially replaced by the RSU-Client. It was these scripts that were used as the base for the RSU-Client and that is why they are mentioned here, for historical reasons.

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