Linux Native Clients

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It's best to play through the official Linux Client to avoid browser-related problems or to bypass limitations that the Java Plugin might have.

There are many Linux distributions, so what works on one distribution may not work on another, or even on another version of the same distribution.

Other players and sources have begun making this option available on other distros, such as Gentoo, and offer both steps and support for this on our Community Tech Support forum.


Troubleshooting Linux Issues
Because how Linux can be set up, on almost any hardware, with many distributions, which may not include drivers or auto updates, a wide variety of issues can occur.

Many Client errors are caused by package incompatibility, so if you're having issues, you should ensure that you have the latest (stable, non-beta) version of your distribution. We'd also recommend sticking with Ubuntu, as the client may not download / run properly on other variants.


Using other Linux packages

Other players have tweaked and packaged out Ubuntu Linux package into a form which installs on almost any Linux distribution:

Please be aware all 3rd party modified clients are used at your own risk. We always recommend using the official game clients offered by Jagex.


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