What to do if you are stuck on a piece of in-game content

If you believe that you have encountered a Bug or some other problem that is preventing you from progressing through content in RuneScape, be it a quest, minigame or anything like that, then you're in the right place!

In most cases where people get stuck on a quest or in a mini game, it's simply due to some player confusion. This is usually cleared by by a quick visit to the fan-made RuneScape Wikia and reading their walkthrough of the content you are having trouble with. If the issue you're having isn't mentioned or described there, then it's possible that you've discovered a Bug that we need to know about!

I've located a bug, how do I go about reporting it?

Often Bugs and Technical issues get mixed up. We've created an article outlining the difference between the two which also provides details on how to submit a bug report for each version of RuneScape.

Need help on a quest?

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