Account security tips

Keeping your account secure is easy when you know how. We've put together some steps you can follow to maximise your computer's safety and protect your account from being hijacked.
Don't reuse login names and passwords
If you use your RuneScape login or password for other websites, services or games, the security of all your accounts may be at risk. If a hijacker were to get access to the login information of any of these accounts, they would be able to control all of them.
Consider using alternate email addresses for other accounts. This way, if one account is compromised, your other accounts remain protected.
We highly recommend that at the very least, you should use a different password for any account that might share the same email address.
Malicious software
Some hijackers inject viruses and other malware into player-made add-ons, tools or websites. You should always double check the URL of every link before you click on it. If it doesn't link to a or domain, do not click it.
Symptoms can range from damaging your game installation or operating system to exposing your credit card and other methods of identity theft.
If you think you may have infected your computer, go to our advice on Security Software and change your password immediately.
Phishing scams are used to acquire sensitive personal information and can take many different forms. The most common types include posing as 'official' websites, suspicious emails and in-game messages. 
Go to our advice on phishing for more information.
Real world trading & Power levelling
Gold sellers and power levelling services often steal the accounts and credit cards of those who purchase their services.
Never solicit these kinds of services no matter how tempting as not only are they against the Rules and Terms & Conditions, you put your account at risk by doing so.
If you want to purchase select in-game resources with real life currency, consider purchasing Bonds.
Account Sharing
The simplest form of account theft occurs when you share login information with another player. This could be someone you know or trust in real life or anyone using a tactic to gain your trust and personal information.
You should never give out your password to others, not even JMods! 
Avoid logging into your account on someone else's computer and saving details to that device, especially if you are unsure that their computer is as safe as it should be.
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