How your account could become insecure

Account Sharing 

The simplest form of account theft is by sharing login details. This could be sharing with someone you know in real life or someone using a tactic to gain your trust and personal information. It is important to keep your personal information such as email addresses and passwords secret. 



Phishing is a common way of third parties gaining access to accounts. It involves dishonestly gaining personal information by posing as Jagex or another individual. Find out how to avoid being phished.


Malicious software 

Some hijackers inject viruses and other malware into player-made add-ons, tools or websites. You should always double-check the URL before you click a link. See our guide on Security software to protect your device.


Real-world trading & Power levelling 

Gold sellers and power levelling services might steal your account or credit card details. These types of activities put your account in danger and are against our Rules and Terms & Conditions.


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