Pre-Paid Credit Card: Common Questions

Topics include: Usage limitations, Card does not work on RS, comparisons to Game Cards, Other Pre-Paid Card issues

Limitations on card usage?

There are no additional restrictions for using a Pre-Paid Credit Card. You can use your Pre-Paid Credit Card for anything that you would use a regular Credit/Debit Card for.

Note though that if you are unable to purchase certain packages, it may be worth trying to purchase a smaller (and therefore cheaper) package to see if you have more success. Similarly, try making one off purchases if you have experienced issues trying to set up an automatically recurring payment.

Card does not work on RuneScape at all?

It is possible that your card does not allow for international payments, which would be a problem as Jagex are based in the United Kingdom. To check this, and to see if anything can be done, please contact your card provider.

Otherwise, as long as you are entering your card details correctly, and your card is activated, everything should work. Please check out our main article on making successful purchase via pre-paid credit cards. 

Differences compared to a RuneScape Game Card?

A Pre-Paid Credit Card is essentially a regular Credit Card, that you pre load with funds to spend. A pre-paid RSGame Card is a card that you can purchase from certain stores and shops (as well as from Amazon) that you then redeem on your RS account.

Of course, you can use your Pre-Paid Credit Card to purchase a Store purchased card, should you wish to do so.

You can find out more about Pre-Paid Store Cards here. 

I have a different Pre-Paid Credit Card issue I cannot resolve

If you have read through all of our advice about using your Pre Paid Credit Card, and cannot use your card at a local store to purchase a Game card, please use the 'contact us' link below to get in touch with a Customer Support Specialist. 

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