Common Client Issues and how to solve them!

Please note, this page applied to the Official Java Client Only. For Client Issues, please check here.

When you're having problems playing RuneScape using the official client, the problem could be caused by a number of things that we will cover below. Click the link relevant to the problem you're having to see a detailed walk through of the solution.

TIP - Before moving onto the solutions below, please ensure you're using the latest version of the Official Client for your Operating System

I'm trying to install the client but am getting Error 2349

This is actually a windows installer error, but we've got a guide to walk you through fixing the problem.

Client crashes when launched or during play - No error message produced

If you experience game crashes in the client, and no error message is provided and you are directed to a screen that says "Error_Game_Crash", then the problem is likely caused by corrupted files in your Jagex Cache. Click the link below for a walkthrough of how to clear your cache files.

Clean Java Install - OS X

This section is only relevant to Mac Users, as the Windows version of the official Client comes with it's own self contained version of Java built in, whereas the Mac version of the client uses the version of Java installed on your system. This means that Mac users who experience in game crashes or receive an error message that mentions "Incompatible magic value","Error_game_crash" or says that Java needs to be installed to run the client should read this article.

Client performance issues - Stuttering and running slowly

If you find that you are experiencing stuttering, or RuneScape is running slowly, then you may find that allocating additional memory to the client helps improve stability. Please click the link below relevant to your Operating System:

TIP - This solution will improve the Client's stability but will not resolve Lag or FPS issues

Error saying "Unable to load parameter" when trying to launch RuneScape - Windows

This error is caused by the shortcut you use to launch the game having a problem. While we don't have a specific article dedicated to this error, following the steps below should solve the problem:

  • Right click shortcut > Properties > Target. Edit target parameter to match:
C:\Users\<user_name>\jagexcache\jagexlauncher\bin\JagexLauncher.exe runescape


Interface Sizing - Windows 10

On Windows 10, if you are using a high resolution screen, you may find that certain things (the login screen and the interfaces in-game) are scaled down. This is caused by a fairly recent Windows 10 update - we've got some more information, and steps for a fix! Check it out.

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3. If so what does the error message say?

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