Resolving Audio Issues


The audio for RuneScape is streamed over your internet connection. If your audio is stopping and starting or becoming distorted, you may in fact be experiencing connection issues.

Audio Settings

If you're unable to hear your RuneScape's audio at all, there are a couple of possible causes.

The first is your in-game audio settings, where you may have the volume turned down, or Global Mute on.

If this is all where you'd expect, check your system volume settings.

These settings on Mac will target overall sound of all applications - so if you have issues with this you also won't be able to hear other noise from your computer.

On Windows, there is also the option to mute only one application. You can check this by selecting the volume icon in your taskbar, and then selecting "Mixer". Here, look for the volume slider with a RuneScape logo, and make sure this is turned up and not muted.

Other issues

The steps and information above should resolve all general audio issues in RuneScape, but if it hasn't worked for you and you're still experiencing the issue, you can get in touch using the button below.

Make sure to check first that you have tried all solutions above - including our connection steps!

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