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Topics include: Getting StartedNot receiving XP Bonuses, Missing XP Scroll, Other RAF issue

Recruit a Friend: Getting Started

Not Receiving XP Bonuses

It's likely that something has gone wrong with the way your friend has set up their account, or they have not added at least 28 days membership. 

To be certain, you can check out their progress yourself - simply head to the 'Recruit a Friend' screen, and select View Friends Status

Missing XP Scroll(s)

If your friend has completed the creation processes correctly, and has at least 28 days membership, you should have received the RAF XP scroll. Aside from checking both your inventory and bank, we also recommend that you check your friends progress in creating their account to ensure they have not made a mistake. 

I have a different RAF Issue that I cannot resolve

If you are still stuck after reading our guides on how to recruit a friend and how RAF XP works, as well as the common questions above, try finding out more on our forums:

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Still Stuck?

Note - JMods do not have the ability to manual add the perks associated with RAF. If your friend has made an error, they will need to set up a new account correctly to take advantage of the RAF bonuses. 

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