PayPal: Making a Successful Purchase

You can use the 'Step by Step Guide' below if you have had issues making a successful PayPal purchase, or the 'Common Questions' section if you have experienced a different issue with your PayPal account.

How to make a successful PayPal Purchase

There are two key reasons why a payment may not go through:

      • PayPal has declined the payment for a variety of reasons
      • Our Payment security systems have not accepted the payment

To make sure that your future attempts are successful, simply follow the two steps below.

Step One: Check if PayPal rejected a payment

      • Check that you have funds available for the payment on your PayPal Account.
      • Ensure you have verified your PayPal account by adding your Credit/Debit card to your account, as well as linking your bank account
        • To update both of these on your PayPal account, simply follow this link to the 'My Account > Wallet' section of

Should you run into any issues, please see PayPal's own really helpful guide on How to Verify your PayPal account.

If you are certain that you have done all of the above, please get in touch with PayPal to confirm if your payment failed on their systems. They will be able to give you further advice, and information that you can then share with us which could help.

Step Two: PayPal have confirmed no account issues

If PayPal have said there is no issue with your account, then it's possible that our own security systems rejected your payment attempt. To avoid this kind of issue in the future, there's two simple things you should try:

      • Have you got the correct country selected at the top of the payment page? This should be the country you are currently in, not the country you're normally from
      • Try making a smaller first purchase using your verified PayPal account

If you are still stuck after completing all of the above, please select from the common 'PayPal' questions below. 


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