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Depending on the payment method used to set up your subscription, simply use the relevant cancellation method listed below to cancel any active agreements.

Things to be aware of:

  • Please cancel at least 4 days before the renewal date to avoid being rebilled
  • After cancelling, your membership will be active until your current subscription expires
  • You won't be billed for a subscription on that account again (unless you resubscribe)
  • More details are available in our Subscription Terms & Conditions


How to cancel your subscription

You should cancel your subscription via the payment method you set it up with:




If you have access to your account
Log in and manage your subscription

If you don't have access to your account
Enter your card details to locate your subscription

cancel_paypal.png Cancel your subscription via PayPal
cancel_steam.png Cancel your subscription via Steam
cancel_apple.png Cancel your subscription via Apple
cancel_google2.png Cancel your subscription via Google

Reply STOP or CANCEL from your phone to the text message confirming your payment.



Need to recover an account?

Check out our troubleshooter to recover your account.

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