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This article will explain how to cancel your recurring subscription for either Credit Card, PayPal or Boku.

Please note - all active agreements will automatically attempt to re-bill you 3 days in advance of your membership running out. If you do not wish to be re-billed please ensure you are cancelling your membership at least 4 days prior to the membership running out.

Topics include: Credit card, PayPal, Boku,

Credit Card/ Debit Card

I have access to my account

To cancel your membership simply follow the steps below:

1. Visit the RuneScape website and click on account in the top right corner

2. Once you've signed in you will notice the Membership tab on the right. Select 'manage your subscription'

3. Select 'manage by account'

4. Click 'cancel' - follow the prompts until you receive a confirmation message of your cancelled subscription

I don't have access to my account

If you have forgotten the password to your account or have lost access to the registered email please visit our account recovery page which offers a variety of support.

You can still go ahead and cancel the active subscription with your card details:

1. Click here to begin the process

2. Enter your billing details and click 'look up', you will then be presented with a page that shows any active subscriptions linked to the details you provided

3. Select 'cancel' on the right and follow the instructions, once complete you will receive a confirmation message


I have access to my account

If you have access to your account you can cancel your membership by following the same steps provided above for Credit card/ Debit Card users.

I don't have access to my account

You can cancel any subscriptions linked via your PayPal account through PayPal itself. Please note your PayPal setup may differ depending on where you created your account. Follow the steps provided below to cancel your subscription:

  1. Login to your PayPal account
  2. Click 'profile'
  3. Payment Settings/ My Money
    • Pre-Approved Payments
  4. Select the RuneScape subscription (It should say 'active' on the right)
  5. Select 'Cancel'
    • Select 'Yes' to confirm your decision


If you live in the UK you may have the option to set up a recurring subscription with your mobile phone via Boku.

Boku will send you a text each month to confirm each payment, when you want your membership to end simply type 'STOP' or END' as your reply instead of 'Y'.

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