Cancel Subscription

Not convinced? No hard feelings. Cancel your subscription any time to stop from renewing.
You'll still be able to use your member benefits for the remainder of the subscription, and your account will revert to free to play status on the renewal date.
PLEASE NOTE - Active agreements will automatically attempt to be re-billed 3 days in advance of your membership running out. Ensure you are cancelling your membership at least 4 days prior to the membership running out.
If you have access to your account

If you don't have access to your account
  • For Credit/Debit Card users:
    1. Manage agreements by card and find accounts that match the card details used for the subscription
  • For PayPal users:
    1. Log in to your PayPal account and click on paypalgears.png Settings
    2. Click Payments
    3. Under 'Manage your payments', click Manage Payments
    4. Select the RuneScape subscription and click Cancel
    5. Confirm your request
 For BOKU users (UK only):
  • Reply STOP or CANCEL from your phone to the text message confirming your payment.
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