Interface scaling issues on high DPI monitors - Windows 10

Since a Windows 10 update, the 'Disable display scaling on High DPI settings' option is on automatically for high-resolution monitors. 

If you disable this setting, Windows will immediately re-enable this. As a result, the RuneScape Interface appears very small, as seen here.  



Enabling display scaling
This process involves using the registry editor to tell Windows to prefer external manifest files. Before you do this, create a backup of personal files or create a system restore point - just-in-case.




Grab the manifest file


Place the file in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Jagex\RuneScape Launcher

To find this right click the game's launcher icon on your desktop and click "Open file Location" and move the manifest file from your downloads to the directoy.


Click 'Start' and select 'Run' 

Type in: regedit.exe

Hit OK


Navigate to 



Right click the black space in the file and click 'new' then DWORD(32 bit) Value with the name PreferExternalManifest


Set the value to 1



Right click on your RuneScape shortcut or JagexLauncher.exe and select "Properties"

Uncheck "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" 

You may have to repeat step 7 every time you run RuneScape.

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